Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY v1.1 May 25th 2018

(last update July 27th 2018)


How your personal information is used by

Compare Cloud Accountants.

Compare Cloud Accountants  GDPR and Privacy Policies

Version 1.2



How your personal information is used by Compare Cloud Accountants.

Please read this Privacy Notice to understand how we use and protect the information that you provide to us.

Compare Cloud Accountants Data Privacy Notice

Your information will be held by Compare Cloud Accountants.

UK Data Protection Laws require us to manage all personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Principles. In particular, we are required to process your personal information fairly, lawfully and in a transparent manner. This means that you are entitled to know how we intend to use any information you provide. You can then decide whether you want to give it to us in order that we may provide the product or service that you require. All our employees are responsible for maintaining customer confidentiality. We provide training and education to all employees to remind them about their obligations. In addition, our policies and procedures are regularly audited and reviewed.

Customer Data Privacy Notice

Information applies from 25th May2018.

What's covered in this Data Privacy Notice?

1. Your information

2. Why, how and who will manage your information

3. Why we use your information

4. Passing your information to others

5. Transferring your information outside of the UK

6. How long we will keep your information

7. Your Rights

1. Your information

Compare Cloud Accountants is committed to providing the best advice on Cloud Accountants and Cloud based software across Britain. And we want you to have trust and confidence in the way we deal with your information.

The UK is a world leader in data protection and privacy. To comply with UK laws, we have to manage your personal information fairly, lawfully and transparently. This means you’ll know how we use your information and we’ll tell you about your rights. You can then decide whether you want to give us your information so that we can provide the product or service you need.

All our employees are responsible for maintaining customer confidentiality. We provide training and education to all employees and we regularly review our policies and procedures. Our aim is to make sure that you have confidence in Compare Cloud Accountants and feel comfortable about giving us your information. We think that safely looking after your information is a key part of our relationship.

We have a dedicated team that looks after data privacy rights. We also have a Data Protection Officer (‘DPO’) to guide the business and oversee our use of your information.

Data Protection Officer

Amanda Spalding

Compare Cloud Accountants,

Analysis House,

117-119 Sea Road, Fulwell,



You can also contact our team by emailing

team@Compare Cloud

T: 0191 548 4949

2. Why and how we manage your information

We use this personal information to do all of the things you expect from us. And to meet our obligations to you under our Terms and Conditions.

2.1 Who is processing your data?

In order to display answers to your questions through the Website, we need to send your personal data to the panel of cloud accountant partners that provide answers on our website (or emailed to you direct) . This is so that they can generate a answer for us to display to you on the Website (or emailed to you direct). When those cloud accountant partners use your personal data to generate an answer, each of them will be acting as a data controller of that personal data. This means that these cloud accountant partners are in charge of how they handle your data and we are not responsible for this. If you provide them with any additional data on their website or if you decide to take engage with a cloud accountant partner the use of your data will be subject to that cloud accountant partner’s own privacy policy which you should find on their website.

2.2 How they will then use this data

Our cloud accountant partners will use this data to generate an answer to be displayed to you on the Website (or emailed to you direct) and they will be data controllers in relation to their use of the data for this purpose. If you would like information about how our partners process data data we recommend that you visit their websites to read their privacy policy. Our cloud accountant partners will use this data to provide the relevant cloud accountancy or cloud accountancy software services as set out under "Who is processing your data" above and they will be data controllers in relation to their use of the data for this purpose. This will only use your personal data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

For some queries we will give you the option to have two (or more) of our cloud accountant partners to provide you with the two (or more) best solutions to your query to contact you to discuss your quote and where you consent, the cloud accountant partners will use your data to contact you regarding your quote.

Data protection law says that we have to tell you the legal basis on which we process your personal data. In relation to personal data used for providing you with a service and managing your account, we process this data because it is necessary to perform the contract that we have in place with you to provide you with our services.

Occasionally Compare Cloud Accountants receives names and addresses (including email addresses) of non-customers who it’s thought may be interested in our products and services.

In these circumstances, where we have your consent, we’ll let you know by email or post of the products or services we believe may be of interest. If we don’t already have your consent, we’ll tell you about our products and services by post in accordance with our legitimate interests to promote our business. You have the right to opt out of this marketing at any time, by following a link on the email or by contacting our Data Rights Team.

3. Why we use your information

Improve our performance.

We’ll use your information to make sure we give you and other customers the best possible service.

This includes testing new systems, checking upgrades to existing systems, training, undertaking transactional analysis, conducting audits and assessing lending and insurance risks. It also involves customer modelling, statistical and trend analysis aimed at developing and improving products and services, as well as providing information to Regulators. We do this to meet our legitimate interests in providing better services to our customers and making sure your information is appropriately protected.

Send Direct Marketing and Promotional Material.

We’ll offer you an opportunity to receive direct marketing and promotional information. We value our relationship, so we do our best to only send you information we think may be of interest to you personally. We’ll do this by post, email, phone or SMS. But we’ll only send direct marketing to Compare Cloud Accountants customers in this way if you’ve consented to receive it. And don’t worry. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

We take great care to make sure that information you receive from Compare Cloud Accountants  is likely to be of interest to you. We do this by comparing our range of products and services with what we know about your needs and interests. Whereas we will only send marketing to you if you have consented to this, the work we do to make sure any marketing is likely to be of interest to you personally to meet our legitimate interests in sending marketing material about products you might be interested in. You can tell us to stop doing this at any time by contacting our Data Rights Team, by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ in any marketing email we send you or by following the instructions in our marketing SMS’.

If you use our online services, when you are logged in we’ll aim to give you a personal service so that you see information relevant to you. This will include details of our products that we think will be of interest to you.

When you log in to other secure websites, you may also see Compare Cloud Accountants advertisements we think may interest you. You can object to this by contacting our Data Rights Team. This means you’ll experience more general webpages. You won’t see fewer advertisements, and the pages and ads may be less relevant to you.

You can object to this by contacting our Data Rights Team. This means you’ll experience more general webpages. You won’t see fewer advertisements, and the pages and ads may be less relevant to you.

Make the most of social media.

If you interact with Compare Cloud Accountants through social media we may use your information to help us communicate.

To deliver the best customer experience, we partner with software providers that allow us to connect with you via online communities and blogs. These partners manage personal information only in accordance with our instructions. Compare Cloud Accountants can also require these partners to delete your information, or return it securely to Compare Cloud Accountants, at the end of our contract with them.

Do what you ask us to do.

If you request particular services from us, or ask a question, we’ll use your personal information to respond. This is to make sure we can provide the best possible service.

Comply with legal obligations.

This might include providing information to HMRC, preventing fraud, money laundering and doing what our Regulators require. We only do this where strictly necessary to comply with these legal obligations.

4. Passing your information to others

We treat your personal information as private and confidential. In some instances we may disclose it outside Compare Cloud Accountants for the purposes set out above (including sharing information with partners who help us provide services). This may include sharing it with subcontractors. They’ll act solely on our instructions or behalf and will only use your information for the purposes set out above.

We’ll disclose information to others to meet our contractual obligations to you in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Information can also be made available where you consent or ask us to. If you give your consent, you can withdraw it at any time and we’ll stop disclosing the information in that way.

5. Transferring your information outside of the UK

The UK and other EEA countries provide a high standard of data protection and privacy. However we may run your accounts and provide other services from centres outside the UK and EEA that do not have a similar standard of data protection laws. If so, we’ll require your personal information to be protected to at least UK standards. So we only transfer personal information to:

Countries that have been confirmed as protecting personal information to UK and EU standards

Companies in the USA certified as providing an adequate level of protection.

In other instances, we’ll put contractual commitments in place which make sure personal information is protected to UK and EU standards.

If you want to learn more about the specific countries to which we transfer personal data, or need a copy of the safeguards we have in place for particular countries, contact the Data Rights Team.

6. How long we will keep your information

We need to keep your information in archived form in order to defend our legal rights. This may be for the period during which legal claims can be made under applicable law. In the UK this is six years for contractual claims. We have policies and procedures in place to make sure that we delete information no longer needed for any of these purposes.

7. Your Rights

You have certain rights over your personal information. These include the right to access a copy of your personal information, or have some elements of it transmitted to you or another company in a common electronic format. In certain circumstances you can have your personal information corrected or erased, or you can restrict our use of it. You also have the right to object to the way we use your personal information as described above.

We generally won’t charge you to exercise these rights. You have the following rights:


You have a right to ask Compare Cloud Accountants if we have your personal information. If we do, you have a right to know:

    why we have it

    what type of information we possess

    whether we have or will send it to others, especially outside the European Economic Area (list of EEA countries)

    how long we will keep it

    where we got it from

    details of any automated decision-making.

If you want, you can ask for a copy of your information. It may help you to use this form.


Where any of your information is incorrect, you have a right to tell us to correct it promptly. Please tell us as quickly as possible if you change your address or other contact details. If your information is incomplete, you can ask us to correct this too.

In certain circumstances, you’ll have the following extra rights:

Right to object

Depending on the legal basis for which we are using your information, you may be entitled to object. For example, where we’re using your information connected with marketing, we will stop if you object. However, if we’re using your information to meet certain legal obligations, we may continue to do so even if you object.

Erasure (right to be forgotten)

You may have a right to have some or all of the information we hold about you deleted. However you should be aware that, as a , we are required to retain many records even after you close your account.


In certain circumstances you would be entitled to receive some of your information from us electronically. We can either pass the information to you, or to another person or business if you want.


You might also be entitled to ask us to restrict our use of your information — for example if you think the information we hold on you is incorrect.

Automated decision-making

We’ll use automated systems to make decisions about whether you’re eligible for a particular account or products, and to carry out credit and fraud prevention checks. Based on the information you give us, we’ll compare this against different metrics to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria for an account, or to work out whether you’ll be able to make repayments on a product.

We work hard to make the right decision. Sometimes this means saying no to offering you an account or product. If we make an automated decision on something important to you, we’ll always allow you contest the decision, give your views and make sure there’s proper human involvement. The logic and outcomes of this decision-making are tested regularly to make sure they’re fair, effective and unbiased.


If you consent to us using your information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.

You can exercise these rights by contacting the Data Rights Team using the details shown in section 1.

We aim to work with you on any request, complaint or question you have about your personal information. However, if you believe we have not adequately resolved a matter, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Officer (the ‘ICO’). You have a right, at any time, to complain to the ICO. As an independent UK authority, it upholds information rights in the public interest, promotes openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals. You can visit their website at or ask for details from our Data Rights Team.


The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR for short) will change the way that we look after your data. So, we’ve updated our privacy notices.

GDPR, which comes into effect on 25 May 2018, gives you more control over how and when we use your data.

How we use personal information we collect about you:

Your data - your choice

We use your personal data so that we can:

Provide you with the best possible service and

Make sure you have all the information about future products you may be interested in!

Whenever we do something with your personal data we always make sure we look after it properly, but you have choices as to how we use it.

Keep up to date about your current and closely-related products and services

We want to keep you up to date about your (or your client's) current products with Compare Cloud Accountants, and anything closely related.

You will always receive information that we're required to send you by law, and responses to any customer service queries. But the last thing we want to do is use your data for things you're not interested in.