Are you frustrated with your current accountant? Read these authentic stories below and see if they strike a chord with you...

We recently had one business owner explain to us he was looking for a new cloud accountant simply because his current accountant didn't seem to be moving with the times. Does this story resonate with you?

March 22nd 2018

"I had been paying my Class 2 National Insurance contributions every month for over 20 years by Direct Debit, no problem. But when HMRC abolished this it seemed to baffle my accountant! I kept asking about how my 'stamp' would be paid. A reassuring answer wasn't forthcoming. Him simply saying "well there are lots of people in the same boat" wasn't really what I wanted to hear. Eventually I was told to download then print out a payment slip and send a cheque to HMRC. This seemed a 'clonky' old fashioned way of doing things. It's a nightmare at the best of times trying to phone HMRC. Sometimes you are waiting ages so next best thing is to use the Government Gateway log ins which I then did. My latest year (2016-17 Full year) is there but I seem to have missed 2015-16, 'Year is not full' it says on my forecast, which I'm a bit annoyed about. I think I need a more modern accountant who can guide me with issues like this and if this ties in with this new Making Tax Digital then all the better."